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What is MyCo Snapshot App?

The MyCo Snapshot app helps you capture the issues within your business and can be the basis of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis) and business planning. Find out more here!

How do I buy the MyCo Snapshot app?

You can buy the app from a mobile device by selecting the top right menu grid. Laptop and desktop users can buy MyCo Snapshot now on our site.

MyCo Snapshot will be available through the App Store or Google Play in the near future.

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How do I use the MyCo Snapshot app?

Following online registration, you can access the app from this website. As this is a cloud-based service, you can log on whenever, and from wherever you want with almost any device!

Your work is stored on our server and will be deleted at the end of your subscription period. No company identifiable information is kept with the application by us. Your contact information is kept on a separate server from the application server.

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What do the apps look like?

The app questions are structured around the performance of each business function and accompanied with text fields, prompting the user to add the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the function. Many of the questions are really assertions to evoke a strong response from Strongly Disagree through to Strongly Agree. This multi-choice approach, uses the industry standard Likert scale, enabling some quantification of the responses. We present the results in an easy-to-understand graphical and tabular form in your PDF report.

Questions are typically of the form: “The Finance function has a number of strengths that provide our company with a competitive advantage.”

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How does the multi-user license work?

In your payment confirmation email you will receive your registration code and a PDF document with the correct registration web address and logon instructions. At the end of your registration, a file will be presented with the registration codes you have purchased. As the purchaser, you are the “Company Representative” and only your registration code can produce company reports of all users’ (anonymous) contributions.

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What business functions are described in the apps?

The business functions described in the apps are Finance, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Products and Services, Information Technology, Human Resources and Legal & Regulatory. In addition to these functions, there are additional questions on overall Company Performance and External Environment Factors.

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Can I provide contextual information for the report?

Yes you can. If you have purchased a multi-user subscription, you are also the “company representative”. Only the company representative can enter the title, description (scope or context) and contact details. These provide instruction and guidance for other users. If you are using the Proposed Target State app, you can add a descriptor of the proposed Target State (eg. “Our 2020 Vision”). All of this information is also shown on the front page of each report.

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What type of reports are available?

You can generate personal (single user) or company reports on-demand in PDF format and can be downloaded at any time during the subscription period. Company reports are available only to the “company representative” who has purchased the license, and only applicable for multi-user licenses. Like most things, the more effort put into completing the app, the better your report. Check out our example reports here Personal Report Level 1 and Company Report Level 1.

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I have forgotten my user log on details. What can I do?

In the case of multi-user licenses, normal users can “re-register” automatically if they have 2 pieces of identifying information, as well as the registration code. That is, they need two of: Personal Id code, User name or Password.

For user and company protection, re-registration will not enable access to previously entered data*. That data will still appear (anonymously) on the company report.

Where a user does not have sufficient identifying information for re-registration, they should simply request the app Purchaser to send My Kitbag an email together with the user’s registration code.

Purchasers who need to reset their own account re-registration cannot automatically re-register, they must send an email request to My Kitbag.

* A user that requires access to their original online account (and editable content), will require the app Purchaser to send this request by email to My Kitbag.

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What is the 30-day money back guarantee?

Our product originates from a wide range of experiences with large companies over many industry sectors. However, this app will not suit every company, user or situation, so we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day refund from the date of purchase.

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What if my 30 days license is not long enough?

You can extend your subscription ongoing with the ability to cancel at any time. Please provide at least 1 business day’s notice before your license expiry date (we don’t want to delete your data if you still need it!). Deleted data is not commercially recoverable. Billing will recur on a monthly basis for the coming month. It is not possible to refund part month subscriptions.

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Do we build customised apps?

Yes we build customised apps that are developed around a question and answer format supported by additional text. We find that this solves many types of problems encountered when you want to:

  • personalise your customer’s experience in presenting tailored information or
  • help customers find their answers in today’s information rich, complex-to-navigate websites.

My Kitbag solutions incorporate advanced expert system technology licensed from Exsys®* that utilises your existing knowledge, such as customer service scripts or regulations. For bespoke apps, we work with your staff to capture additional knowledge if required. Each solution is custom built using a template framework. The advantages of our technology for your customer are:

  • the minimum number of questions are asked, depending on the customer’s previous answers, so customers find what they need, fast,
  • where there is not an exact answer, our technology selects the most probable answer based on customer information.

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For customised apps, how do we engage?

To evaluate the potential of a decision support application for your business, we hold early discussions with your stakeholders to validate the approach.

Once an in-principle decision is made to explore this opportunity, we conduct either a workshop forum or a “Day in the Life” exercise with your team. We spend time with your staff and management to understand relevant every-day challenges and the value of a potential decision support application.

The findings are all summarized in a short report, and if appropriate, a brief high-level proposal is presented for your consideration.

The ensuing steps are likely to include an agreed scope-of-work and a demonstrator application. The sole purpose of this application is typically to prove the concept and to aid development of detailed application requirements and final pricing.

Typically decision support applications, as described here, can be developed within weeks to a few months.

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What technology do you use?

Each My Kitbag application is a servlet that can be launched from within a page on our website, (or yours if we have developed a customised app) run under Apache Tomcat or comparable “Servlet Container”.

Questions are asked on HTML forms sent to the user’s browser and interpretation and responses are handled by the application on the server. The output is returned to the user in standard web page format (HTML) with PDF format optional.

* Exsys® is a US company with 30 years experience in expert system technology. Apache Tomcat is a registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Exsys® and the Apache Software Foundation are not affiliated with My Kitbag.

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