What is MyCo Snapshot?

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Capture the issues and apply a SWOT analysis

Capture the issues facing your business, with the advantage of structured questions and prompts for strengths and weaknesses.  The app is suitable for large and small businesses as it is based around common business functions like finance, products and services, human resources, marketing and sales. Select only the functions relevant to you. The report generated can be used for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis or planning and review meetings.

Use MyCo Snapshot to consider the current state and some future state, i.e. “where we will be in 5 years”. MyCo Snapshot will take you through a series of questions and prompts, then provide you with a graphical gap analysis in a PDF report such as shown below.

Performance report

relative importance

Dig deeper if needed

Some people require greater granularity than others, so we have developed an optional two-level framework based on qualitative multi-choice questions and text response fields. Your determine the areas that you wish to explore and document.

Get other’s opinions

MyCo Snapshot (multi-user version) helps you engage your staff or users and gather a wider perspective, as the app acts as a survey tool. See the key results summarised with all user issues and ideas tabulated in your Company report. Only you can create and view the Company report, and all user contributions are anonymous. A graphical gap analysis of all respondents is provided in a PDF report such as shown below.

company report

As a great kick start to a SWOT session, the Company report provides separate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats tables, anonymous compiled comments from all respondents.

Each user can view their own contribution as a Personal report and can also build up their analysis by logging on multiple times over the subscription period.

Designed for busy people

We know that people are usually limited to small blocks of time to think through their company’s issues. Log on and off as frequently as you like, build up the story over time!

As our products are cloud-based, there is nothing to download (other than your report). Log on to the app, from your web-connected PC/tablet/smart-phone as many times as needed over the subscription period to build up your analysis and download your report.

Your data, your business

MyCo Snapshot does store your thoughts online, and data is stored for the period of your subscription, usually 30 days. Please see our Privacy and Data Protection Policy. At the end of your subscription period, your access and any application data will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED. Note that we do not store individual identifying or company identifying information that you may have provided us on the same server as the data that you enter.

For the multi-user version, we insist that you issue your users’ registration keys, that way we do not need to collect information about your users or your company.

Any questions?

If you would like to learn more about MyCo Snapshot, or view sample reports, see our Frequently Asked Questions, or Contact Us. We are here to help.

Buy Now!

You can buy the app from a mobile device by selecting the top right menu grid. Laptop and desktop users can buy MyCo Snapshot now on by contacting us.

MyCo Snapshot will be available through the App Store or Google Play in the near future.

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