Online Customer Support Applications

Customers who find their questions answered on your website are more likely to follow through with detailed queries or orders. To help you achieve this, My Kitbag customer support applications help visitors to your website quickly find what they are looking for.

If you sell products, services, or are a public service organisation, then you may have customers with questions such as:

  • Which insurance product will meet my needs? Answered through a series of qualification questions on say, an insurance company’s website.
  • Where can I find more information on my service? Answered through a series of questions to identify service and/or customer specifics.
  • What are my obligations for my type of business under the State’s regulations? Answered through a series of questions to guide the user through legislated regulations that would apply to their type of business.


My Kitbag has been established to help clients in this highly specialised area by providing turn-key customer support applications that can be simply integrated with your existing web-portal. We provide the expertise to capture your team’s business knowledge and translate this into the expert system application that your customers use.

Our customer self-service applications can help you:

  • personalise your customer’s experience by providing tailored information,
  • provide additional online support services to existing customers
  • attract new customers through a superior online services presence
  • reduce support costs from the ever-increasing demands of customer communication channels.


My Kitbag decision support applications are built around a question and answer format. We find that this solves many types of problems encountered when you want to:

  • personalise your customer’s experience in presenting tailored information or
  • help customers find their answers in today’s information rich, complex-to-navigate websites.

My Kitbag solutions incorporate advanced expert system technology licensed from Exsys®* that utilises your existing knowledge, such as customer service scripts or regulations. As mentioned above, we also work with your staff to capture additional knowledge if required. Each solution is custom built using a template framework. The advantages of our technology for your customer are:

  • the minimum number of questions are asked, depending on the customer’s previous answers, so customers find what they need, fast,
  • where there is not an exact answer, our technology selects the most probable answer based on customer information.

To find out more, check out or download our “Services for Your Customers” document here.